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The Letaba Archaeology Project team set about on excavations this year from 12-22 June and 16-23 July. The team was comprised of a number of postgraduate students from the University of Pretoria ranging from honours, masters and doctoral students along with Dr Annie and Alexander Antonites. We were also joined by our photographer, Michelle van Aswegen who captured the essence of an excavation season beautifully. 

We were privileged to be welcomed by the Kruger National Park's Letaba camp who kindly ensured a game ranger accompanied us each day. Excavating in one of the most renowned wildlife parks in the world is a mesmerising experience. 

Excavations in our June season began with an initial survey of the area we are working at for the next two years. The site is situated on the banks of the Letaba river and significant erosion is present. We started out by excavating three lumps of soil that eroded out of a donga wall. The profile of a pit was clearly visible and animal bone fragments, pottery and polishing stones protruded through the profile. Initially, we thought these three soil lumps would be a breeze to excavate and shouldn't take more than a couple of hours to complete. Three days and a number of filled sorting trays later - we soon realised the density of animal bone material was not a quick dig. The preservation present at the Letaba site is staggering as we pulled intact jaws, articulated spines, entire tortoise shells and a number of copper artefacts from the deposit. 

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